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VP: Movie Reviews - We review the latest sci-fi, comic book, and adventure movies and cut them down to size!

VP: American Rhapsody - Suzy and Cory discuss their take on the latest events in science, trends of society and current events in America!

Nov 23, 2017

American Rhapsody presents - One Year of Trump: Are we really better or worse off now that its one year since election day?

In honor of this season of feasting and drunken political arguments with family, Suzy and Cory are joined by Cory's brother Conan on this episode of the podcast. We'll discuss the state of the world one year since Biff took over the White House. We compare various topics that have impacted the world over the last year, utilizing the most advanced technology in random topic generation: The twenty-sided die.

So sit back with your drunk Uncle and your crazy Aunt and find something to get outraged about. Its time to Talk Trump!