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VP: Movie Reviews - We review the latest sci-fi, comic book, and adventure movies and cut them down to size!

VP: American Rhapsody - Suzy and Cory discuss their take on the latest events in science, trends of society and current events in America!

Sep 7, 2017

AMERICAN RHAPSODY - NEW Talk Trash Thursdays!!! Suzy Hosts the new Vorpal Podcast: American Rhapsody Edition! In this segment Suzy and Cory will voice their opinions and rant about whatever topics come to mind, including society, technology, and life in America.

This week Suzy and Cory get WOKE as they attempt to  "educate" themselves on the Top 10 Millennial Words we should all familiarize ourselves with. It was less than Lit and far from Gucci but we feel so On Fleek!! Hoping we don't get Cancelled as we try to stay update on the new street lingo!!! W!!!